People tend to have a lot of misconceptions about elo boosting, and it is frowned upon in games like League of Legends. However, there are of benefits to elo boosting once you really look into it. It is basically a convenient way of getting where you want in a short period of time. There’s no real harm in doing that. If you are considering elo boosting then you should definitely keep reading in order to learn about all the benefits and what it has to offer.


  1. Levelling up


League of Legends limits players had a limit of a maximum of 30 levels when it was released. However, after season 8 came out, they finally got around removing the level cap, enabling players to level up forever. Now there are hundreds of awards that await players at different points, and it is natural that you would want to get one. If you are aware the lol boosting is for upping your ranks, well it is also available for XP. If you want to reach level 50 or 50 then you should look into boosting so you get there quickly.


  1. What you deserve


Most players get frustrated because they don’t get matched with players of their calibres and instead they are stuck with amateurs. Boosting helps you get the level you really deserve in a matter of days. If you attempt to do this yourself, it will take you around months. Get the rank you want with elo boosting, and enjoy watching your ranks go up even you have a very busy schedule.


  1. Cheap way to success


A lot of people think elo boosting is super expensive; however, it is really not. It is about the same price as a legendary skin that you purchase. You can think of elo boosting as an investment because will give you great returns for your money in the form of ranks and rewards. And you also have the added advantage of impressing your friends. And usually, the better you are at League of Legends, the lesser you will have to spend.


  1. Maintain your ranks


If you want to take some time off League of Legends, you can use elo boosting to maintain your ranks so they don’t drop during time when you stop playing. In fact it will probably increase you ranks during your time away.



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