You are probably thinking of shopping online for rugs in order to find a better deal. While that is a good idea, buying rugs online can become difficult because you really need to visualize having it in a room. Other than that, it is a completely different thing to feel a rug for its texture, which is something you can’t do. Here are some things you can take into consideration when shopping for rugs online.




When it comes to measurements, you should be as accurate as you can. You will be lifting a lot of heavy furniture, and you definitely don’t wan to do that just to find out the rug is not the right size and then having it shipped back again. In order to ensure you don’t go through this pain, make sure you get the right measurements of the area you want your rug to cover.




Remember, rugs are made up of lots of different materials. It might be tempting to buy a rug because of its design and pattern, but make sure you look into the material content. Since you won’t be able to touch it, its best if you do your research on the material. Here are some things to expect from these materials:


Synthetic: Synthetic rugs are durable and lasting, and they are also easy to clean, which means low maintenance. They are also usually very soft, making them a good option for bedrooms.


Wool: Wool is made of natural fibres that are stain resistant. They are very warm and soft, and they will be more expensive than synthetic rugs. Also, it is normal for them to shed in the beginning.


Jute: These rugs have very rough fibres and they are not the cosiest. This is why people use these rugs on the patios.




All websites will rave about how durable their rugs are, but in order to distinguish the real durable rugs you should look for some keywords. Low pile rugs are not as plush, which is why they last longer since they don’t shed as much. Another thing you should check is the line count. The higher the line count, the better the quality. This also applies to the needle count.


Rugs are definitely an investment, and you will want to get good value for your money especially when it comes to shopping for rugs online.

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